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For Country Caucus provides principled military veteran members a platform to work in a nonpartisan way and create a more productive government. For Country’s vision is a less polarized Congress that works for — and is trusted by — Americans. We seek a Congress where members serve with integrity, civility and courage. And we want a Congress that is strategic in purpose, focused in action and where elected officials put their country first.


Priority Summary Date Passed Status
Gold Star Family Tax Relief Act (H.R. 2481) Classified certain survivor benefits available to Gold Star Families as earned income, significantly reducing their tax burden 12/20/19 Became Law (FY20 NDAA)
Appointment of a Chief Digital Engineering and Management Officer Authorizes the Secretary of Defense to appoint a Chief Digital Engineering Recruitment and Management Officer, responsible for promoting a digital expertise and software development skills 12/20/19 Became Law (FY20 NDAA)
Fallen Heroes Family Travel Act (H.R. 3065) Authorizes reimbursement of costs to transport the remains of a covered decedent to no more than two places selected by the person designated to direct disposition of the remains 12/20/19 Became Law (FY20 NDAA)
Meetings of Service Chiefs and Surviving Families Requires the service chiefs to meet periodically with representative groups of survivors to receive feedback regarding issues affecting survivors 12/20/19 Became Law (FY20 NDAA)
Full Military Honors Act (H.R. 1019) Provides full military honors for Medal of Honor recipients and prisoners of war 12/20/19 Became Law (FY20 NDAA)
Death Benefits for Servicemembers in the Career Intermission Program Authorizes servicemembers participating in a career intermission program to be eligible for death benefits while part of the program. 12/20/19 Became Law (FY20 NDAA)
Occupational License Transportability Improvements for Relocated Spouses Requires the Secretary of Defense to enter into a cooperative agreement with the Council of State Governments to assist with the funding and development of interstate compacts on licensed occupations 12/20/19 Became Law (FY20 NDAA)
Expansion of Childcare Resources for Surviving Family Members Authorizes financial assistance to childcare providers who serve surviving family members of servicemembers who die in the line of duty 12/20/19 Became Law (FY20 NDAA)
Widow's Tax Repeal (H.R. 553) Provides for a 3-year phase out of the Widows' Tax 12/20/19 Became Law (FY20 NDAA)
Federal Employee Paid Leave Act (H.R. 1534) Provides paid leave to federal employees in connection with the birth or placement of a child 12/20/19 Became Law (FY20 NDAA)
Afghan Allies Protection Act (H.R. 2796) Makes an additional 4,000 visas available through the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Program 12/20/19 Became Law (FY20 NDAA)
Report on Improving the Special Immigrant Visa Program Requires the State Department IG to sumbit a report that evaluates the obstacles to protection of Afghan and Iraqi allies through the Special Immigrant Visa Program 12/20/19 Became Law (FY20 NDAA)
NATO Support Act (H.R. 676) Expresses the sense of Congress that NATO is critical to achieving United States national security interests and defense objectives around the world 12/20/19 Became Law (FY20 NDAA)
Copyright Protection for Civilian Faculty Members of Military Institutions Provides that, for the purposes of copyright, a work produced by a civilian member of the faculty is only a work of the US Government if created in direct support of a the curriculum 12/20/19 Became Law (FY20 NDAA)
Better Military Housing Act (H.R. 2811) Requires the Department of Defense to develop and implement a plan to address health, safety, and quality issues at privatized military housing and develop a Tenant Bill of Rights 12/20/19 Became Law (FY20 NDAA)
Legal Services for Homeless Veterans Act (H.R. 3749) Establishes as VA grant program to provide funding to entities that provide legal services for homeless veterans and veterans at risk for homelessness 2/25/20 Passed House
Federally Requiring Earned Education-debt Discharges (FREED) for Vets Act (H.R. 3598) Automatically discharges the loans of certain veteran borrowers 3/10/20 Passed House
Public Health Ready Reserve Corps Establishes a Public Health Ready Reserve Corps to ensure we have enough trained doctors and nurses 3/27/20 Became Law (CARES Act)
Liability Protection for Volunteer Health Workers Establishes liability protection for volunteer health care workers supporting COVID-19 response efforts 3/27/20 Became Law (CARES Act)
National Suicide Hotline Designation Act (H.R. 4194) Requires the Federal Communications Commission to designate 9-8-8 as the universal telephone number for a national suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline 5/13/20 Passed Senate
Extension of National Guard Orders during COVID-19 Pandemic The President issued an Executive Memorandum extending federal support for National Guard service members supporting COVID-19 response operations through August 21st 6/2/20 Orders Extended (85 FR 34955)

Endorsed Legislation

Representative Bill Number Bill Name Date of Endorsement Passed House
Rep. Jason Crow (CO-06)  H.R. 1115 The Global War on Terrorism Memorial Location Act 2/11/2021  
Rep. Michael Waltz (FL-06) H.R. 1911 The SFC Brian Woods Gold Star and Military Survivors Act 5/15/19  
Rep. Elaine Luria (VA-02) H.R. 2481 The Gold Star Family Tax Relief Act 5/16/19 Passed in NDAA
Rep. Jason Crow (CO-06) H.R. 5046 The Global War on Terrorism Memorial Location Act 11/12/19  
Rep. Brian Mast (FL-18) H.R. 2846 The Improving Veterans Access to Congressional Services Act 11/19/19  
Rep. Jimmy Panetta (CA-20) H.R. 3749 The Legal Services for Homeless Veterans Act 11/21/19 Yes
Rep. Conor Lamb H.R. 3598 The Federally Requiring Earned Education-debt Discharges for Vets Act (FREED Vets Act) 3/5/20  

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